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AJ Farshath

Chief Executive Officer BIMT Campus

About Info

Since 2017, we have been fulfilling our mission to prepare and graduate our students with the highest principled, specialized and professional excellence. At BIMT Campus, we believe that each individual has an untapped potential which can be turned into limitless ability. The main objective is to facilitate students in acquiring skills relevant to the modern world while offering a meaningful learning experience. BIMT Campus offers a variety of programs that host students from all walks of life.

BIMT Campus has a dedicated team who supports our students from their first day to the day of graduation, Our Passionate Administrative team helps students to decide which program they want to commit to. We as a team strictly adhere to our vision and mission in making decisions about the enrichment of our students. I am honored to run an institute that brings a certain excitement every day. We look forward to guide and help our students. Together, we hope to achieve our mission of nurturing well-educated people.