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Advisory Board

Mr. Jonathan Barber


Business Development & Membership at the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA - UK), where he is dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small and medium-sized practices (SMPs). With a firm belief in the power of strong business relationships, Mr. Jonathan is committed to cultivating long-lasting and mutually beneficial connections. Known for his exceptional work ethic, Mr. Jonathan approaches every task with intensity and determination. He consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that his work not only meets but exceeds expectations. His dedication and resilience have allowed him to consistently deliver excellent results, even in the face of challenges.

A key aspect of Mr. Jonathan's business philosophy is treating others with the same level of respect and fairness he expects for himself. He believes that successful business relationships are built on transparency, trust, and genuine consideration for the needs and aspirations of all parties involved. By practising this mindset in his interactions, he has been able to forge strong and lasting connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

Mr. Jonathan's expertise lies in business development and membership growth within the financial accounting field. His deep understanding of the industry allows him to identify emerging trends and opportunities, which he leverages to support SMEs and SMP practices.

In addition, he has empowered countless individuals by providing them with memberships that propel their success. With his strategic guidance and unwavering support, he inspires others to achieve their goals and reach new heights. His ability to effectively communicate and empathize with others has been crucial in establishing trust and fostering productive collaborations. Whether through his passion for business development, dedication to client satisfaction, or commitment to fairness and respect, Mr. Jonathan Barber's extensive experience and values make him an invaluable asset to the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA – UK) and the businesses he serves.

Dr. Rasanjalee Perera

Vice President

Dr. Rasanjalee Perera is a highly accomplished senior lecturer at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, known for her extensive experience in the Sri Lankan education system and her profound impact on countless students. With an impressive educational background, Dr. Perera has become a prominent figure in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice System.

Dr. Perera holds a PhD and PGD in Criminology and Criminal Justice System from the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. She also earned her BA (Hons) and MA at Colombo University, solidifying her reputation as a diligent and intellectually-driven academic. Her academic pursuits have exposed her to a wealth of theoretical knowledge, which she expertly applies in her teaching and research activities.

Having encountered thousands of students throughout her career, Dr. Perera has developed a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges of her students. She is known for her compassionate and patient approach towards teaching, ensuring her students grasp complex concepts with ease. Dr. Perera's dedication to fostering a supportive learning environment has earned her the admiration and respect of both her colleagues and students. Beyond her teaching role, Dr. Perera actively engages in research activities focused on Criminology and Criminal Justice System.

Dr. Rasanjalee Perera's passion for education, coupled with her vast knowledge of Criminology and Criminal Justice System, make her a highly regarded figure in the academic community. Her commitment to providing quality education to aspiring professionals, as well as her dedication to advancing the understanding of criminal justice, continues to inspire both her students and fellow educators.

Prof. Hilal Ismail


Prof. Hilal is a highly accomplished and experienced Senior Lecturer in Marketing Management at South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. With an extensive educational background, he holds a PhD in Management from Cochin University of Science & Technology in India, a Master of Commerce (M. Com) from the University of Kelaniya, and a B. Com from South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

Having spent several years in the Sri Lankan education system, Prof. Hilal possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field. Throughout his career, he has encountered and interacted with thousands of students, gaining valuable insights into their needs and aspirations. Prof. Hilal underwent training in publishing skills at Henson Editorial Services in the United Kingdom. This training was made possible through the prestigious Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, awarded by the Association of Commonwealth Universities in the UK.

Besides his academic commitments, Prof. Hilal has actively contributed to research and publication in the field of marketing management. His work has been recognized and published in reputable journals. Prof. Hilal is a highly respected figure in the academic community. Beyond his professional achievements. He strives to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment, where students are encouraged to think critically and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Overall, Prof. Hilal's passion for teaching, extensive academic achievements, and dedication to his students make him an invaluable asset to the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. He continues to inspire and empower his students, leaving a lasting impact on their academic and personal lives.

Dr. Fakhrul Hasan


Dr. Fakhrul Hasan is an accomplished finance lecturer with extensive experience in the higher education industry. With a versatile skill set that includes budgeting, Stata, Microsoft Word, account reconciliation, and accounting, Dr. Hasan has consistently been recognized as a knowledgeable and adept professional in his field.

Dr. Hasan holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Finance from Keele University, where he further honed his expertise. His academic journey also includes several prestigious lecturer positions at reputable universities. He is currently serving as the Chief Editor in Chief at Business Management and Strategy, where he oversees the editorial process and ensures the quality of published materials.

In addition to his role at Business Management and Strategy, Dr. Hasan has held several lecturing positions at various universities. These include roles as a Lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management at Northumbria University, De Montfort University, University of Cumbria, and Keele University.

Dr. Hasan's notable experience and knowledge in academia have led to his involvement in numerous research projects and publications. His dedication to advancing the field of finance through research and education is evident in his contributions to the field. With his extraordinary commitment to teaching and learning, Dr. Hasan has made a significant impact on the education and development of finance professionals.

Overall, Dr. Hasan stands as a highly accomplished finance lecturer, editor, and researcher, with an unwavering passion for exploring and disseminating knowledge in the field of finance. His expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset in both the academic and professional realms.

Mr Trizviiy Marikkar


Mr. Trizviiy is an esteemed individual who currently serves as the principal of Zahira College Colombo, one of the leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka. In addition to his administrative role, Mr. Trizviiy is a well-respected lawyer with a diverse range of experiences and expertise.

He engaged in the teaching profession and pursued Legal Education at the University of Colombo in the Faculty of Laws in 1999 and qualified as a Graduate in Law. Further, he followed a course in Forensic medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Colombo. Later, he got qualified for Masters in Laws with Distinction in International Business specialising in International Human Resource Management from the University of Cardiff Metropolitan - UK in 2016.

This qualification allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of global business practices and equipped him with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of international human resource management. He enrolled as an Attorney – at – Law at the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in 2001. Also got through the Sri Lanka Principal Service examination in 1999 and was appointed to work as a graded Principal in Sri Lankan schools with effect from 2002.

Throughout his career, Mr. Trizviiy has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills and a commitment to fostering a nurturing educational environment. His expertise in both education and law allows him to effectively manage Zahira College Colombo, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education while simultaneously upholding legal requirements. Under his guidance, Zahira College Colombo continues to thrive as a prestigious institution, providing students with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing global society.